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White Currant Soy Candle {No. 2} BAR-LE-DUC

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Smells Like: White Currant Jelly. A sweet floral and berry aroma that is not overwhelming, but a perfect sweet blend.

Inspired from the sights & sounds of places near & far, past & present, each scented candle in our collection allows you to explore a different part of our beautiful earth!

Jewel of Lorraine’s Story: On the year A.D. 1344, in the town of Bar-le-duc, in the Lorraine region of Northeastern France, we find the first historical record heralding the majesty of white currant jam. Smaller & sweeter than the red currant, only white currants “would do” for the highly rarified jam epicureans now dub Bar caviar, Lorraine jelly or quaintly, Bar-le-duc. Does our white currant No. 2 hold a candle to its namesake? Taste & see …