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Clove Soy Candle {No. 12} P.O.S.H.

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Smells like: To burn or to drink? This candle will remind you of a Chai-Latte! Also, the cinnamon scent will drive men crazy!

Inspired from the sights & sounds of places near & far, past & present, each scented candle in our collection allows you to explore a different part of our beautiful earth!

Port-Out Starboard Home’s Story: During the mid-19th century, the well-traveled indulged in posh ocean voyages form England to India. To ensure picturesque views of the coastline for the entire journey- a P.O.S.H. cabin would face “Port Out” when sailing to India & then “Starboard Home” for the return to England. Take part in this elegant expedition as our clove No. 12 seasons the air with adventure & spice… from both sides of the ship.