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Classical Carian Fig Soy Candle {No. 7} KAUNOS

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Smells like: While fig is the stronger scent in this candle, Kaunos smells sweet, spiced, and everything nice!

Inspired from the sights & sounds of places near & far, past & present, each scented candle in our collection allows you to explore a different part of our beautiful earth!

Classical Carian Fig’s Story: As every atelier worth its salt must pay tribute to the fig, we turn to the Carians of ancient Greece for ultimate inspiration. Situated along the fertile silt-lands which now compromise Turkey, the seaports of Kaunos once reigned supreme as King of the Mediterranean fig. Without further ado, please enjoy our endeavor to capture the true character & majesty of the classical Carian fig as our figue de caria No. 9 escorts you to the legendary markets of Kaunos.