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Customers Are Raving About VivVere Candles

Customers Are Raving About VivVere Candles

Posted by Rachel, Good Fortune Intern & Customer :) on 23rd Apr 2014

VivVere strives at making every customer feel special. We are grateful to have such loyal customers that keep coming back to enjoy our Classic Collection of Soy Candles. 

From the look to the smell, you can t go wrong with these hand poured scented candles.

Whether your looking for wholesale candles or just want one for your home, then VivVere promises you the very best soy candle that will scent your home for up to 90 hours.

Please read what our customers have to said about their experiences with VivVere.

-Nancy, a Wholesale Candle Buyer says: "I think we will have a very successful holiday with VivVere. I must say I have never had such a positive feedback from customers receiving product. You should be so very proud of what you have accomplished."

-Debbie, another Wholesale Candle Buyer says:  "They are glorious! We are excited to have such a beautiful line here at Dolce Dimora."

-Rachel, a Chattanooga Candle Store Customer says: "I absolutely love visiting the chattanooga candle store at Good Fortune Soap, and smelling all the scented candles. I know I am getting my money's worth at VivVere. Whether I am burning my soy candle or enjoying the fragrance unlit, I can always smell the essences of VivVere in my home."

-Georgia, a Chattanooga Candle Store Customer says:"VivVere's Marche Aux Fleurs is an amazing soy candle to buy as gifts. I enjoy fragrance NO 16 the most, it reminds me of being in Germany as a little girl and smelling all the hyacinth blooming in the spring."

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